My name is Vince Wilson a former International 800m/1500m athlete where I represented England and Great Britain both as a junior and senior athlete. I was fortunate to train with the former World Record holder and multiple medallist Steve Cram and former World and European 800m Champion David Sharpe under the guidance of our former coach the late Jimmy Hedley. Having amassed a wealth of knowledge from many years training with such world class athletes I decided to start coaching in 2010. I now have over ten years coaching experience looking after beginners who simply wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle through to most recently coaching Samantha Harrison from a good club level athlete to selection for Great Britain at the World Half Marathon Championships this year.

Running is not just about improving times though its about creating a healthy mindset too which will help other areas of your life too. Since the turn of 2020 I have been coaching Ronnie O’Sullivan, the Worlds best ever snooker player to pick up a cue who has been running for years and boasts a 35 min 10k PB who admits the running helps his overall lifestyle as well as his health.

Previously I’ve spent years coaching at Durham City Harriers and Charnwood AC as a club coach as well as working alongside our lead endurance coaches and spent time with these world class athletes such as Mo Farah at high altitude training camps with British Athletics in Kenya and Font Romeu.

At present I am not just coaching elite athletes as my biggest client base comes from beginners to intermediate runners who are embarking upon their first footsteps and are targeting their first ever park run as well as athletes aiming for their first ever half marathon and the full marathon as long term goals right through to one of the UKs lead endurance lady Samantha Harrison who has improved from a 84 min half marathon to 71.01 half as well as a 36.47 10k down to 32.31 10k and continues to keep improving!



Whether you’re starting your running journey or need help running a sub 3 hour marathon, my affordable supportive coaching has got you covered.





When working towards your running goals, it is important that your training, the support and accountability gives you the best chance to succeed.



One thing I’ve learned is that everyone is individual and my style of coaching and managing each athlete is adapted towards their persona to get the most out of them, Depending upon your package we can have a daily or weekly chat or simply message to check how your training has been and how you are getting on with your plan. Should life get in the way of your training we can tweak and adjust them so it works for you week on week.

The training plans I set are balanced around your lifestyle and daily commitments as well as constantly reviewed to ensure they are working for you as an individual.

I offer four different coaching packages, starting at just ten pounds a week but once you get in touch we can see which one works best for you. There is a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum that offers daily contact if required with unlimited calls/messages.

You will receive a training plan that is individual as its built around you and your targets as well as your lifestyle be it you are a busy mum/dad or have a busy demanding career so all you have to do, is run!

Whether you only have two or three days per week to train or lots of time to train you’ll always be training smart with the optimal amount and type of training to get the best results. I offer individual as well as couples and group training package to make the cost more affordable as well as simply motivating for you all.

Your training will be progressive as you improve so you will never go stale. When you go on holiday or get sick or injured your plan will adapt to fit around you and your circumstances.


The benefits of having an experienced online coach

  • Affordability – Incredibly more cost effective than having a PT or one on one coaching sessions

  • Your personal structured training plan including strength and conditioning, drills, recovery, and depending upon your package everything you need to reach your goals

  • Motivational as having one to one personal online coaching will ensure you need to achieve your goals

  • Advice on nutrition, diet plans, mindset and lifestyle changes to further improve your training

  • Save time researching plans that are usually generic and generally set by PTs not experienced running coaches

  • Cancel anytime you wish as no contract

  • Minimising injury risks

  • Having someone you can trust in knowing their coaching produces results

  • Weekly or monthly schedules emailed directly to you that can be discussed

  • Tailor made programme just for you


Vince has done wonders with helping me with my running from a decent club runner, to an elite professional athlete in the space of 18 months. My weekly workouts are thoughtfully planned, and specific to me and my goals. Before working with Vince I didnt have a specific training plan, I ran to however my body felt , which was sometimes too much or not enough. I was doing very little to accelerate my performance until Vince came along and taught me all the little extras in training, not just the running, but strength work, massages, drills, hydration, nutrition, mental preparation. Vince has gained my understanding of tempo runs, intervals, and recovery. Also gained my understanding of what paces, distance and frequency I should be completing these runs in. By following a professionally constructed schedule I have set significant PB’s in every distance I have raced. I am a healthier runner and more educated and still learning all the time with Vince’s training.

Vince is a selfless, motivating and compassionate coach that wants the best for his athlete. A coach is more than someone on the side line telling you what to do, they have to understand your highs, lows, understanding and personality as a coach and Vince does that. He is a great person, not just as a coach, but also as a friend! I look forward to the future with Vince and see how far we can get together with more training, education and knowledge!

Samantha Harrison, Team GB Half Marathon and 10k athlete

I have been running for many years so I always considered myself a pretty capable runner, however, sometimes I felt I previously lacked structure & wanted that extra little push to move one level up with my training. I am only 4 months into Vince’s coaching programme and feel I am adjusting well and definitely really enjoying it so far.

I get a personal tailored training breakdown of exactly what times I should be running for every session which I feel really helps me monitor, keep on track, and helps me work towards my goals.

Vince is always a message or call away and always checks in after a particularly challenging work out to discuss how it went and always on hand to provide useful feedback and always keeps me on the right track.

I’ve had a couple of wobbles and self doubt along the way, however, it goes without saying that Vince’s great encouragement and support puts me back in line and definitely is a great motivator for me.

Most importantly I trust both Vince as a coach, and also the programme which he sets me week in week out.

Vince is extremely knowledgeable himself & I’ve seen the results from many other amazing athletes. I can’t wait myself to get properly stuck into races again when they start up, and at the minute I am making to most of getting a solid training block in.

Overall, I have been really enjoying my training so far and I am excited to see what 2021 holds.

JC Athletics, Northern Ireland

Since working with vince it’s really helped me understand that you can really keep it simple and there is no need to complicate stuff..

For 10 years I was injury prone, never able to put more then 3-4 weeks of consistent training together.

Since the lockdown I was forced to take it easy and build a base, I’d always heard people talking about a base.

This time I had no choice.. slowly over 16 weeks Vince has listened to my feedback, and held me back when I’d normally wanna keep pushing hard, it was those times he kept me running, ticking over .. that allowed my body to heal and get stronger.

I’m now able to push hard and work hard and I have the confidence my body won’t break down when I’m pushing the tough reps in training.

I only wished I’d had a coach like vince 10-15 years ago

Ronnie O'Sullivan, Professional Snooker Player


I keep getting tired and injured, can you help me with this?

Do you struggle to motivate yourself to go out running?

Do you struggle to find the time to fit everything in?

Will I improve my running and achieve better results?

If you answered yes, then contact me now to discuss which package is best for you.



If you are ready to run YOUR race, raring to get into shape and improve those personal best times. I can help, with a customised running plan just for you.